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Originally Posted by nephrodoc View Post
Brilliant idea for a garage install. I had to put my safe inside, did not bolt down though because of the post tension slab.
Thanks. I am hoping this will get a sticky because safes really need to be secured. A lot of people think that because you have a PT slab you can't bolt it down and it has to be weakly secured. That is not the case. The slab I added will weigh about 600 pounds and with the adhesive you would need a winch and a F450 to pull it out. Making the slab larger than the safe also adds another lever arm that makes the safe harder to move. Best of all, this project only uses about $100 in materials if you already have the tools.

I am making sure my safes are all secured to where they can't come out. I have a friend in our development (also with a PT slab) who had a safe, and it was broken into with a crowbar. Now her safe was crap, but even then they made the effort to pull it out and get it on its back. It was lagged into the plywood subflooring and came out easy.

This housekeeping slab is the way to go if you want to take your safe with you if you move. I'm putting a very, very expensive safe here and don't want to leave it if I move. I'll be doing another DIY project with a much less expensive safe showing how to secure a safe to a PT slab if you really plan to keep it with the house.
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Originally Posted by KWalkerM View Post
eh why bring logic into this, that makes too much sense... besides when you have bested a fool, you have accomplished nothing and he is a fool.

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