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Well folks, I'm glad some of you read it even if it seems none of you like it. It's easy to say Rollingstone simply doesn't matter. Maybe, but I know many who take Rollingstone seriously. I've also seen many cites and points to articles from far less-mainstream sources. When people are going after my rights I read and listen to what they have to say. Anyhow, on Page 3, the author writes about something called "The Tiahrt Amendment." I heard about this on Terry Gross' NPR show, as well as disperate other sources. I suppose I'll see many gruff blurts from people, but it would be gratifying if someone added to this. To me, this seems like an effort to completely undermine a body of facts that are commonly cited in this cultural debate. I believe I know the facts, but what of this movement to write those facts off as methodologically flawed and therefore without foundation? What of this? Is this a thing?
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