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Default Almost done...

********* 1/25/13 update *********

Last few evenings have been busy!

Collapsing a few day's of updates into one.

Finished basic stand before installing/mounting the LnL:

Press mounted and dies installed (including a lockout die):

Have to give a shout out to Dan @ Inlinefabrication. Great stuff (extremely well made) at a great price and incredibly excellent customer service and extreme attention to detail (I should know, huh?). I ordered (and installed) the following:
  1. Ergo handle (saves 3-4" on the downstroke and is very smooth)
  2. Bullet/brass bins (couldn't see spending the $ on the autofeeders)
  3. Low primer alarm (repainted Dillon)
  4. Bushing/spring to "lock" the alarm in place
  5. Light kit (battery and AC option) goodies installed: goodies in process. What I'm now doing with the light kit (have some ideas on the wire/cable routing but I haven't made any final decisions - notice the motion activated sensor - picked that up at the Cow Palace a couple of weekends ago. Works great and I have it set for 2 min so that will give me some additional "placement" options)

Light kit:
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