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Originally Posted by TheCorporation View Post
My friend has an AR-15 .223 that he put together for around $700; he said it would have cost him $1200 if he bought it separate. My question is, what are the legal limitations in California as far as caliber and other tricky laws we have?

What would you recommend if it's something I'd like to take to the range. Where would I even start?
Generally speaking, I don't think your friend built the same quality AR15 for $700 that he would have with $1200. There isn't that much mark up in parts nor complete rifles for that much savings. If he did, he just found awesome deals and that is going to be rare.

In the AR15 world you get what you pay for. Buying substandard guns like the M&P15 Sport vs even a regular M&P15 might matter later when parts start giving out. Buying a Stag, RRA, LMT, or Colt is always a better idea than going bottom feeder.

I would go to a quality AR15 shop and see what they show you. I have many complete rifles and parts for sale so if you came into my shop, I would go over all of your options with you. We could get you out the door for less than $805 for some junk like a DPMS Oracle, we could build you about a $1025 quality rifle with a Stag 2H upper, or we could sell you an LMT CQB for $1800.

I would just urge you to be cautious about buying cheap. You get what you pay for in the AR15 world.

If you are no where near the Bakersfield area, there are good gun shops all over this state that can help you. Here is my FAQ page to help you with the legalities.
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