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Yeah this thread went a bit off topic for a bit.the whole point was not how you can get the project was about realistically what the best option was for those with out a mill. Again the best option is not a router in my opinion.neither are hand files. Because well it's almost the same thing as using your teeth.the problem with a router is that it wont cut to do this method you simply use the same theory as cnc guns ar jig with the 30+ holes. You just UNDERCUT.then hand file for how ever long it takes to blister your hands off.then lapping compound. It's not hard or's just in my eyes the same thing as washing your truck with a tooth brush. As for a key cutter being the "proper"way.. You can turn the jig over to the side and do the rail with a small end mill. There is no wrong and right way to do this. Just an easy and hard. Any one who wants to consider the router method should really wait and go to a build party if you don't know what you're doing.for those of you who only just saw that picture of the router and 1911 rails.. Let me make it clear that when the hand full of us who looked into 1911 80% years ago and we saw that..the comments were along the line of holy hell this guy is crazy with too much money and time to waste.there was also a guy who if I recall used stacked hack saw blades.smartest idea...Hell no. Gangster points...+100
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