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Originally Posted by 6114DAVE View Post
Pattaya, Thailand .....

That is all
Missed the libo-boat in Pattaya, Shore Patrol came thru ordering everyone back to the boat because of a incoming typhoon. So myself and 2 fellow gyrenes start the stumble back to the beach. We arrive at the beach to see the Huge #1 (USS Tarawa) disappearing in the distance. So, unsure of ourselves, we do what any libo-repressed Marine does, head back to the bar to come up with a battleplan. Luckily enough, was stumbling back to the bar when we came across the company gunny, 1st Sgt, CO, & my Plt commander, all stumbling out of the bar after what could have definitely been a 7 day bender. We instantly attach ourselves to the command structure and inform them of the situation to which they were obviously unaware of. We all stumble back to the beach, realizing that we are the only US Military within 20 miles of the beach. So. . . we beeline to the nearest police station, who put us in contact with the US Embassy. Embassy informs us several hours later that the boat wont be able to come back for us for another 2 weeks, and can we rest in place until then? Um. . .hello? another 2 weeks in Pattaya. . . unfettered by thousands and thousands of Marines & Sailors? "Yes Sir, we can do that, would you like us to check in each day and at what time?" . . ."oh, just give us your hotel name, number & room number, and we will call you back in about 10 days or so."

Game on! Unfortunately, I ended up with a very bad tattoo after that which still haunts me to this day. Goddamn Rabbits. No NJP, No called to the quarterdeck to see the man, no nada! We did have some very good times with the command structure during those 2 weeks!
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I am naked except for seatless white chaps, a boonie hat and a tactical vest playing HALO.
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I don't like getting my butt kicked, but I would like to have it spanked by some big hairy guys!
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I wouldn't put "mounting a weasel" past too many people on this forum.
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Going after the NFA soon is like asking the girl you just met in the bar if she's into anal sex...

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