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Originally Posted by GOLDEN GUN View Post
well this is what we do know

all ar pistols need BB due to the magweel being outside the pistol grip

all rifles need a BB if it has either a telescoping stock, a pistol grip, or a flash hider

while putting a 16" barrel on a pistol lower is legal, u are utilizing your pistol on long gun configuration which would make you applicable to all long gun laws...

no matter what you need a BB unless you go featureless rifle

your contending because it doesn't have a stock it is not a rifle since it is not designed to be fired from the shoulder... good luck making your case to a judge who has no idea what your talking about.. let alone 6 jurors...

but i see what you are saying... my 1919 has a pistol grip with no stock.. yet it doesn't have a bullet button...
You missed my point. It's not made from a pistol lower. It's a standard unbuilt receiver drosed as a "long gun". Build it with 16 inch barrel and no stock. Just a buffer tube.
This is not a rifle so it's not covered in the assault weapon definition so no bullet button is needed. It is not a pistol so the mag being outside the grip is not applicable to needing a bullet button. It is legally covered the same way your 1919 is legally speaking. If you are up to defending your 1919 why not this? Just because nobody has tried it doesn't mean that it isn't legal. All of these "Off List" rifles are here because of people reading the law and doing what was at first thought of as crazy, and do so at your own risk, but now it is mainstream.
I'm just asking those smarter than I if this is legal or not and putting it out there for people to discuss.
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