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Originally Posted by GOLDEN GUN View Post
atf has ruled DROS does not change the classification of a firearm.. nothing can.. it is only what it is per their definitions.

let me be clear - No matter what the DROS says... a receiver is only a receiver until it is built in the eyes of the ATF. whatever it is built as, will be what it is for the remainder of the guns existence.

if built into a pistol, the gun will always be a pistol, - however, it can be in a temporary rifle configuration and be converted back to pistol configuration.

if built into a rifle, it will always be a rifle and can never be converted into a pistol

if left as a receiver, and in CA dressed as a long gun, it is still a receiver in the eyes of the ATF and can be built into a pistol in a different state.

if the receiver is built into a long gun, and drosd as a long gun, it can never be a pistol in any state!

get it?
Have I ever said anything to contradict any of those statements?

Originally Posted by djflash View Post
CSACANNONEER: While I agree with you that it doesn't fit the legal definition I think everyone is arguing over semantics here. Federally perfectly legal. CA not specifically illegal but having it DROS'd as a long gun/rifle sure gives CA a huge stick to beat you over the head with if they chose to. A DROS from the position of CA DOJ is a factual record of the firearm transaction including person, address, DL, firearm make, model and type. To me that's a HUGE up hill battle against the DOJ to fight them off if they were to make a stink about it.

I think we all need to be careful. All it takes is one gangbanger to make an AR pistol and commit a crime with it and the DA makes an example out of them or the person before them that made the pistol and there's the case law.
Yup, while I don't think it is "illegal", I also don't advise anyone to do it without consulting a lawyer and assessing the risk vs. rewards. For now, it's simply not worth it. There are far less risky ways of legally getting an AR pistol in CA.
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