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Originally Posted by condor View Post
Geeze!!... You folks get your knickers in a twist real easy don't ya... So some one voices an opinion... read:IMHO... and a few of you want to hit the mattress... I'm so far to the right from being a liberal it makes most of you look left handed... IMHO...
Well, I'm left-handed and lever guns are among the more ambidextrous-friendly firearms out there.

I've had four different pistol-caliber lever action rifles (oddly, no rifle-caliber ones, yet), and all of them looked very cool and had that air of "simplicity is beauty" in a practical, compact package that would make a solid defensive firearm.

I had a Win 94AE in .44mag, and three Rossi 92s - a 24" octagonal stainless, a 16" large loop, and a 20". All the Rossis were in .357.

The main problem with them is that they were not particularly reliable when cycling rounds, with the exception of the only one I've kept - the 20" Rossi. That one is an older one - it does have that much-hated bolt-mounted safety, but just looking at it and working the action, I can tell its fit and finish are far better than any of the other three levers I've owned.

And while I certainly like the rifle - it feels almost TOO slender in my hands (and I'm not a big guy) - almost like a .22 or a toy gun. Perhaps if it had a bit more meat in the grip and forearm, it would be more comfortable to my taste.
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