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Originally Posted by bigboarstopper View Post
In a room of a hundred life long hunters there are only a hand full of really exceptional hunters and outdoorsman. Ones who have broken it down to a science. The ones who in passing conversation can tell you more about hunting and hounds than you may be able to learn in a lifetime in the field.

This hunter and friend had such a knowledge of the land he hunted, the hounds he ran and the game he persued that he spoke almost a different language

I met Billy when I was 16. He and his group were much older than myself in their early 20's. I met him through a cousin and went on my first successful hog hunt with him. His friends were of course all older and never wanted me around but he took a liking to me and I eventually hunted with him every week sometimes twice a week until I was 30.

He was the most exceptional hunter I have ever met. He had a passion for hunting and hounds that compared to nothing else. He was meticulous. He had little interest in anything else and would talk about hunting in a way so that the conversation will never end. If we werent hunting we would talk hunting. There was simply nothing else besides hunting and family for him.

It was a compulsion, an obsession. he lost jobs for it, girlfriends over it. Believe it or not Billy lost his life over it. Wife, 2 daughters, house, job all gone. His sanity eventually slipped away from him. His obsessive compulsive personality/mentality that made him the most exceptional hunter myself and many many others thought of him as simply took his mind away. He lives with his senior citizen parents now.

I saw him the other day and that is why I am writing this. I told him about the guides service I started and talked about hounds with him. He seemed to have a hard time grasping who I was and what I was talking about. It was difficult seeing my best friend and mentor this way. Everything I had learned was from him. He was the best hunter myself and may others have ever known.
Shay that's such a beautiful story. I can see how much the experience and knowledge you have gained from Billy means to you. My Grandfather taught me to play chess when I was a young boy; and we played every time I visited him. He always challenged me to be better as I'm sure Billy did with you. I never beat Gramps for forty years until the last game we played when he was elderly; and believe me I studied the game. I was so happy when it happened I forgot myself. I saw his face slump when he said,"Yes, you beat me", and I wished I had thrown that game to him. After that we would just kind of review our lives together and he would perk up. The old memories were much more clear for him than the present. Billy may not remember your name; and he may have trouble with current time now. But I bet you can make him smile if you ask him,"Hey, Billy, remember the time that we...". He might not stop talking for you. LOL I'm sure you can get that ole' feeling and connection back. I just want you to know that every time you post here the rest of us learn something from you and Billy. You are much appreciated. Thanks so much for sharing Billy with us, Shay. Merry Christmas!

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