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Originally Posted by wayno21 View Post
in order for you to conduct yourself as such you need BSIS issued certs, guard card and firearms card in the cailber you are carring, plus a CCW/LTC issued from the SO/PD. just becasue you have been doing it for sometime does not make it right. BSIS has completed outreach to PD/So to help educate on the laws/regs regarding proper lisensing of security guards. This would be an example of knowing the laws on both sides. Had you had a UOF, you and your company would be writing a check with several zeros at the end. plus your current department may take issue with it, if you cant not operate with in the limits of law how can you enforce them. again a UOF your department may say out of scope, your on your own.
I don't work there any more thanks. But I also can tell you that private property is private property. I'm not giving legal advise just relaying what I know to the best of my knowledge. Company's do carry cc on private property and if you stay on that property you should be fine. You still need all the permits that go with being legal from The state. And I do follow laws and would not tell anyone not to. Please do not question my ability to enforce them or do my job cause I won't do that to you. I'm not claiming to be all knowing.
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