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Default First successful handload groups! And a Question...

First off, thanks to everyone here for help, advice and great information.
You guys come through for me every time!

So I did a batch of handloads, and took them out the the range just to make sure they'd go boom and all was well. Once I was through that I started experimenting and working up my loads.
Sunday these made me incredibly happy. It's the tightest I've ever shot out of that rifle.
(Noveske AR-10 SS barrel, 18" 1/10 twist. @100 yards. 168 grain SMK)

I shot a control group with Federal match first (10 rounds)
Which was dead center but a wider group than the Varget.

Later I shot some RE-15 handloads, but again the group was a lot wider, yet it was centered on the target (a hair to the left)
The Varget shot pretty tight as you can see, but also almost two inches left of center.
I've read this isn't uncommon for certain loads to require a re-zero, but this seems pretty far left. Thoughts?

Last I'm torn. The 42 and 41.8 were my best two loads. Should I try a 41.8, 41.9 and a 42 again or not split hairs and just pick one?
Handloading is way to much fun....


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