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"Best defensive round" arguments are like 270 vs '06. You're arguing religion. I'm sure all the companies have put millions into r&d and aren't going to put out a substandard round. And they know the LE specs and their ammos will pass those. If they'd don't then nobody would buy them.

The question then is the shooter. Shot placement is key. If it functions 100% in your gun and shoots accurately then it'll work IF you do your part.

The only place where that doesn't matter is when shooting 45's out of a 1911. In that case, and that case only, even if the round misses the bullet will turn around and find the vital organs and instant one shot stop. It's true. Always is the case. If you score a hit, anywhere, the target literally disintegrates. It's true.

But shoot a plastic pistol and some pipsqueak round and well, that's a risk you'll have to take.

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