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Dammit ysr you stirring the pot again ?!

Ruskie- if you take another look, you'll notice that ysr and Alfred are not against "tactically inclined" shotguns on the fields; rather it is the attitude which some folk with such guns display... Which is akin to the snobbish attitude which some "regulars" display- a lack of openness. Add to that the occasional guy with a lack of safety sense(no matter the gun) and there's the concern.

As most others have said- run what ya brung as long as you follow the rules of the field and game, shoot safely and are courteous. Now, are certain gun setups better for certain purposes, yes. But most folk on the field, whether they're running an mx8 or a mossberg 500, are good, welcoming folk that will take the time to help new shooters and learn from one another.

I'm not rich white or old either...and I've been allowed to shoot with ysr on more than one occasion lol

Ruskie- hope you get back into it and have fun and meet some good peoples. Do the clinic! Richard and coach and them are great people!

Ps- you think he pokes the tactical guys, wait till you see him with a trapshooter like me! he stirs the pot, but is also one of those people who will always offer to help a fellow shotgunner out

Pps- I'm typing this on my phone during work lunch- its friggin hard haha

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