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Originally Posted by BigFatGuy View Post
For anyone watching this debacle, I'll say thsi:

Coach Z, Captain Dick, and Jordan run a FANTASTIC skeet clinic. You are welcome no matter your shotgun, no matter if you wear jeans, no matter your skin color, and it's not expensive so you don't have to be rich.
True story...They just want to help people get into the sport and learn the safe and propper way to shoot skeet on a field.

Again, why does skeet need to be an elite rich mans sport? It is expensive enough just for targets and ammo, who cares what kind of gun the person next to you is using as long as he/she is conducting them selves in a SAFE and respectfull manner.

There was a guy at the last clinic I was at with a pump that had a long barrel and a tactical stock, he did just fine and nobody seemed to have any issues with it.

For me Its an auto or O/U , its hard enough without pumping the gun.
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