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Originally Posted by alfred1222 View Post
I don't get how the RO knowing people is significant.. I know all the guys at the range I shoot at, that's just common. But the idea that some guy comes in and sweeps the floor with all the guys that shoot weekly is preposterous. Now I shoot twice a week, and my average is right around a 23. I know guys who can shoot that well with a pump, but I've never seen anyone do anything close on their first try.

It's significant because the new guy was some 25-30 year old that nobody had seen before, versus "the regulars"...believe what you want fella, I was there and I was laughing my *** off. My friend(username "sullivado") did as good or better than me and it was his first attempt too, although he was using my SP1. I bet there are a lot of things in this world you've never seen...does that also mean they don't exist or didn't happen? lol

I'm not saying it was that guys first time shooting trap, I didn't ask, but I am saying a good enough shot can use a mossberg 500 or even a red-dot and still get the job done, case closed.

In fact, he was Sullivados friend, they knew eachother....

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