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Originally Posted by appagohm View Post
lol i tried the whole red dot thing, i actually had two guns, one tatical short barrel shotgun, mossberg 500. And a single barrel shotgun to shoot skeet. Well i tried shooting skeet with the tac mossberg with red dot.

I couldn't hit anything, the red dot got in the way. Would have had a better chance firing from the hip.
Hey appagohm - Was your red dot a tube or reflex? After reading this thread (especially Nahuatl's response) I went home and played around with my 590 that has a reflex sight (Mueller Quick Shot) on it.

With the reflex sights you keep both eyes open (not sure about tube red dots). I found that the eye over the receiver (right) gave you a normal view and if I closed my left eye there was a LOT of obstruction. However, when I opened my left eye, it actually gave me a view "around" the barrel (not exact, but I don't know how else to describe it).

It actually seems like it might be helpful. One would just have to get used to keeping both eyes open as it seems like instinct to close the left eye (right hand shooters) when aiming.

Might be kind of funny if it were to give an advantage and the compitition shooters started mounting something small (Burris Fastfires?) on their sg's

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