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EBR sold me a nice sig a few months ago. I decided to add a rifle to the collection, and tried to grab one they had for sale. My misfortune, he sold the one I wanted right before I contacted him.

He told me it would be quite a while (months) till more came it. I thought I'd missed out. But they directed me to somewhere else where the were in stock, and he took on the the shipment, transfer, tax collection and DROS headaches. All I had to do was click buy and choose EBR Works from a drop down menu. They went way beyond, took on a bunch of paperwork for very little monetary compensation, and he just did it because he's a good guy with great business ethic! Just because he wanted to help me get the rifle I wanted. Thanks so much, cant wait!

2X now with super customer service, and I couldn't be happier.

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