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Originally Posted by redneckshootist
or just make shure [sic] the action is open.
Action open doesn't necessarily mean a safe firearm.

Open bolt does not equal empty chamber. That's why they are called Empty Chamber Indicators and not Open Bolt Indicators.

You could still have a round in the chamber with an open action. While you would think this is safe because the round can't be fired, having a round in a chamber is still unsafe by definition, even with an open action/bolt.

You could have rounds in the magazine with an open action. This would be considered unsafe by definition for a firearm on a 'safed' line (cease fire).

For example, let's say a Garand, M14, or AR15 had a bolt that was improperly locked back with a round in the chamber or a round in the magazine (with empty chamber) and in some weird case, the bolt slammed closed resulting in a slam fire. Yes, it's a long shot, but possible.

The arguement can be made that an open bolt indicates the firearm is clear and is safe, but to everyone else who didn't personally drop/empty the magazine, clear the chamber, and visually verify that the firearm is empty and cleared off all rounds, the firearm is not safe. That's why the range master, range officer, range safety officer, match coordinator, match director, competitors, and fellow shooters like to see an Empty Chamber Indicator in the firearm on the line so that the know the firearm has been safed.

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