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Originally Posted by Prc329
man, I thought it was a little anal to make me keep my charging handle back on my AR even though you can look threw the ejector and see it is clear. I now understand why.

I'm glad it only took a story and not an accident for you to understand.

Redneckshootist I'm glad to hear you guys had a nice day at the range and that was your only issue, it's one I'm sure you've already remedied via a little chat with your buddy.

I'm very confident in my ability to handle most any firearm, nonetheless my bolt/action is always open when I'm not shooting or am off the line. Most times I drive that thought home with a chamber flag, but that's more for others than for me. It's something that takes some discipline, but if you've seen negligent or accidental discharges it's something you take to heart.

I get loaded guns pointed at me regularly at work (indoor range), and it drives me crazy, but the everyday-joe-only-shoots-once-a-year types often don't know or follow the same rules we do. Shoot safe and you'll be around to enjoy shooting longer, whether that around means outside a cell or above ground.
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