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Originally Posted by creampuff
The lightbox I use is not so much a light tent, but a medium size soft box, with an Alien Bee strobe, which was how I was able to shoot with f/11 and 1/125, iso 200. However, I am constantly being haunted by the purple tinge, no matter what I do with the white balance.
Wow, I just looked up your strobe. That's a heavy duty external flash for studio lighting! 1 second recycle times? Interesting. Now I see why the flash fired in your EXIF information. I see the color temp is 5600 Kelvin. I guess you've already adjusted your white balance to match the flash bulb. I also noticed that your focal length in the EXIF was something like 157mm. What lens are you using? Could it be that your lens is responsible for the purple fringing? (I don't see this effect with my kit lens, the 18-70mm)

I looked up this phenomenon quickly - it's called chromatic abberation.

Try reading this link:

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