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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
That is an interesting question. I think I see where you are attempting to go with it. If you have a registered AOW and then register it as an SBS, does the AOW registration go bye-bye. Because, if its still a registered AOW, then it is exempt from 12020, even if the configuration changed. Let me do a litte checking on that and see if I can find out anything.
I read through the PC a little and could not find anything. Here is what I would like to do.

Buy a Remington 870 originally pistol gripped only from the factor.

Register the 870 as an AOW

Register the 870 as a SBS

Mount it below my 20" Colt Government Upper and saw off enough of the barrel so it is flush with the flash suppressor. (The 18" barrel doesn't look very nice sticking out another 4" from the Colt Barrel.)

The only issue is if the stock from the rifle negate the AOW status. If it negates the AOW status then the SBS status is no longer legal in California.

I don't believe the C&R 870's (if I could find one) have the means to mount to the Master Key.
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