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Originally Posted by 383green View Post
Since it has been shown that "Zombies" is an acceptable reason to build up an NFA weapon on a Form 1, I think it is entirely appropriate that I resurrect this thread.

Please follow my line of reasoning, and tell me what you think:
1) Commission some manufacturer to produce a batch of limited edition commemorative off-list lowers. Perhaps they would commemorate the DC v. Heller decision, or the the California OLL craze, or some other suitable event of historical significance. Maybe they could have some feature(s), either cosmetic or functional, which make them different from typical lowers in some way other than the markings.

2) Apply to have these lowers added to the federal Curio and Relic list, on the basis of their limited production, association with a historical event, and higher value/cost than generic AR-compatible receivers.

3) If and when they are added to the list, thus gaining C&R status, their owners could form CA revokable living trusts and apply for tax stamps to make them into SBRs. All CA AW restrictions would still apply, but they could then be bullet-button A4 carbines without a few inches of extra barrel hanging off the end.
Assuming that ATF would grant the commemorative rifle model C&R status, am I missing anything here?

If my line of reasoning isn't faulty, then would the ATF ever assign C&R status to a firearm model that commemorates such a recent event, or would their response be something like "no, but feel free to apply again in 20 years"?
I like your thought process. I see only one problem with it however. I do not have an M-4 configured AR so I am not sure of the exact dimensions, but keep in mind that the OAL must be at least 30 otherwise it is an AW. I could be wrong, but I think that depending on how short you made the barrel, it would be under 30 which is a no no even with a fixed mag. Just a thought.
WTB : A cheap beater .44 mag lever action rifle or carbine. Cosmetics do not matter, function and price are more important.


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