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Originally Posted by Ding126 View Post
We can't even own a Colt AR15 or Hk91 in this state.
Yet. That may change in the next few years. The opening shots have already been fired in that battle.

let alone have to install the infamous Bullet Button on the average weapon.
It's annoying to need to install a Bullet Button or a funny grip, but these things allowed us to nearly neuter the CA assault weapon laws with respect to AR and AK series guns, pushed the CA DOJ into actually giving up some of their power (i.e., AB2728, where they gave up the ability to add weapons to "the list"), and allowed 50 to 100 thousand more AR-series weapons into California. And this was all pre-Heller!

I would rather be able to own a Colt AR-15 or Hk91 legally in this state without the bullet button crap. Or even be able make CA a shall issue state.
I would also love either or both of those things. It seems to me like we might actually get one or both within the next few years. For the first time in my lifetime, we're on the offensive and taking new ground. And it feels good.

Who the heck wants some never heard of C&R for a SBR?
I would like to have an SBR, in addition to my non-short EBRs. I don't care whose name is stamped on the side. Whether it says "Colt", "Stag" or "Bob's Commemorative Gun" on the side, it's still an AR, it still works the same, and it still uses all of the same interchangeable parts. It's silly that we can't buy one that says "Colt" on the side right now, but we can get the same danged thing with somebody else's name on the side. And in the cases of some restricted manufacturers who use contract manufacturers for some or all of their production, we can get the same guns, made in the same factories on the same tooling as the restricted ones, simply with somebody else's name stamped on.

This state is one step away from Cap & ball guns only ( SBR that )
I would have agreed a few years ago, but now I see the pendulum starting to swing in the other direction.

People are getting arrested for OLL rifles with black evil features.
Correction: A few people out of tens of thousands have been arrested for OLL rifles with black evil features, I don't think that any of them have been convicted, and the agencies who arrested them are getting bloody noses and learning to play nice.

How do you think the SBR thing goes with the average " Joe bag of Dough nuts"
I don't see how his opinion is relevant. He might not like my OLL EBRs, or even my cap and ball guns, but that doesn't stop me from owning and enjoying them.

How much money are you willing to spend in attorney fees to defend your C&R, SBR needs.
Any gun owner, no matter what kind(s) of guns they own, might get arrested on bogus charges in this state. We see this happen every now and then. I will not let this deter me from exercising my right to keep and bear arms. Other people on this board, with far smaller financial resources than I could bring to bear, have gotten wrongly accused and then came out on top. I do not fear oppression from the CA government when I exercise my legal rights, because I have seen that there are a lot of people here on this board who will stand behind me if I get in trouble, just as I have helped stand behind others. We are in a fight to get back our trampled rights, and I will risk some money to do so.

I wish we would all focus on getting some of the basic AWB laws overturned, allowing us to own what everyone else can in the other states.
I think that the time for that will be in a year or three, after we get the Second Amendment incorporated under the Fourteenth. I think we'll be able to play with the same toys as the folks in the other states before too long if we stay on the course that we are already on. It's not easy to be patient about this, but a little bit of patience will pay off. Having a ruling that the Second Amendment is binding upon state laws will give us a really big hammer with which to start pounding on AWB laws.

It might be easier if you started you own motion picture company or just move to another state.
Well, those would appear to be my only options if I wanted to legally have a suppressor and/or an MG, right now. I don't feel like moving to another state or hanging out with film people right now, though, so I'll stay here on the Second Amendment front lines, do what I can, and consider playing with some lesser SBRs and SBSs in the mean time until we're ready to start going after some or all of the NFA. Which might not be too far in the future!

Now pass around what all of you are _______ !
I don't think we're _______ anything here at the moment. If you read the thread carefully, folks are actually buying and/or building a restricted set of AOW, SBR and SBS guns here in California, right now, perfectly legally. Others here, like me, are considering doing the same, or are at least interested in discussing the sordid details of the legal minefield we presently live in. It may be somewhat dangerous to play in that minefield, but it's also dangerous to do anything related to firearms right now. And some of the folks discussing this SBR/SBS/AOW stuff here are the same ones who backed the CA DOJ into a corner and got them to say "uncle".
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