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Originally Posted by fullrearview View Post
I am not saying that I am right or wrong but there is no such thing as a free lunch.
This is a scary time for LE!! Unfortunately, there is SO much going on right now it is hard to focus on everything, and people see money, no matter where it comes from, as being good.
I am not sure of the strings attached, but I am sure there are some.
If you don't know, then why bother posting your fears? Esp. in the LEO forum. You are simply showing yourself to be a paranoiac, which unfortunately seems to be the one common denominator among male Calgunners.

Honestly the LEO forum should not be a place for foolish conjecture by either LEOs or non-LEOs.

"Let those find fault whose wit's so very small,
They've need to show that they can think at all;
Errors, like straws, upon the surface flow;
He who would search for pearls, must dive below." -- John Dryden
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