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Originally Posted by myk View Post
What did you sell? I had the STUPID idea to sell collectibles such as T-formers, GI Joe, Star Wars, that kind of stuff. Didn't matter how much detail or effort I put into my auctions, the buyers always had to nitpick SOMETHING about the listing and would never shut up about it. Don't like my product or my auction? Move on! Better yet, stop playing with toys, move out of your mom's house and go talk to some girls or something.

I had the same experience. The buyer I finally sold one item too was acting so nice that when they asked about how to replace a missing part (which they knew ahead of time because it was in the listing) I just ordered it for them and had it shipped with a spare to them directly. I think that shocked them.

In general people just asked stupid questions that told me they had no clue what they were buying. I stopped answering questions that were just that dumb.

It wasn't worth the effort. From that point on I just donate stuff to Goodwill or a local charity. Not guns though!! LOL

Well, that isn't 100% correct. I did donate a gun to a fundraiser for a PAC one time.
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