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I hunt until I get my animal usually three to ten days I spent fourteen days a few times but I get animals and my hunt is over. One trip instead of many. That's time and $$$$$$ saved plus better size animals. Not saying I get an animal every year that would be BS, but I pass on many if the shot is not good or the animal is just not what I'm looking for. I'm not a meat hunter and in no way a trophy hunter I hunt for the passion of hunting and the exhilaration of finding and tracking a good animal, the taking is just a bonus for me. If you ever hunt another good state you will say to yourself why did I not do this sooner. When and if I hunt Cali it's not in Condor range at all I hunt Low and High Desert Mule Deer, hard to find but well worth the effort, come 2019 my little bit of Cali hunting is over in full.

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