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Originally Posted by thomashoward View Post
I for one, am not going anywhere else to hunt. There is game here I haven't shot yet.
Yes, its still a hunting state. Not the best but still. Out of state fees are more than I can afford. Lots of us hunt here,and will not be driven out.
A large portion of the hunting community will still be using lead. I have thousands of rounds that can still be used for targets.

PS: Witches brew removes everything but the steel. Just wrap a patch around a brush. I have a bore-scope so I can see what real clean looks like.
I agree Darrell Holland's products are excellent. I use Witches Brew Copper Remover on factory barrels that become fouled. His Witches Brew Bore Lube/Break-in Fluid is great for applications where I don't use Boron Nitride or am too lazy to do the coating. On my Pac-Nor polygonal rifled barrels there is no need for an abrasive copper remover. The one I am working with currently is cleaning up with solvent patches and a nylon brush with so little effort I enjoy cleaning barrels again. Of course this applies to most custom high end barrels, Shilen, Brux, Kreiger, Hart and Schneider among others.

Varmint hunting on private property in Oregon doesn't require a hunting license, but many of the ranches have contracted their big game hunting rights to private guide services that require licenses, tags and some charge up to $10k for a hunt. The last ranch we hunted sage rats on had pronghorns wandering around, picturesque if nothing else.
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