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Originally Posted by ElDub1950 View Post
What's a good copper solvent cleaner? Never needed one but switching to plated bullets on my next order. Thx

I use this stuff:

Available at:

I use these patches exclusively:

Also use a Proof Positive type nylon bore brush, jag and rod with a non-brass tip so the brass doesn't leach blue copper fouling stain on the patches, or I'll know when the bore is copper free.

Proof Positive stuff is found here:

I also use BoreTech's Eliminator solvent to start, then follow with CU+2 Copper Remover and C4 Carbon Remover. The barrel will appear clean after the CU+2 but then patches run with the C4 Carbon Remover come out with varying degrees of black or brown carbon fouling quickly turning clear of all color. Now the bore is clean and ready for a coat of bore lube before firing. I use Holland's Witch's Brew Bore Lube or my own alchemical concoction to esoteric to mention.

I have used Shooter's Choice, Butches Bore Shine, BoreTech's Bench Rest Blend, Barnes CR-10, Pro-Shot Copper Solvent IV, Blue Wonder, Wipe Out Foam, Sweet's 7.62, Silver Streak Outboard Motor cleaner, Rem Clean, JB Bore Cleaning Compound and Bore Bright, Holland's Witch's Brew Copper Remover, and the old classic Hoppies #9 and Outers, along with other stuff lost to history. Nothing works as well as BoreTech's products, which contain no ammonia.

Keep in mind I use only double lapped custom barrels, and that face-of-the-moon factory barrels will take a bit more cleaning. I have some factory barrels that seem to be designed to store stratified fouling as a permanent geological record.

However there are many gods in the pantheon of gun cleaning, so others will swear that their favorite brand works best. I will just and say that I'll keep that in mind before walking walk away. Arguing religion is a waste of time.
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