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Originally Posted by ar15barrels View Post
I am using Hornady GMX with excellent accuracy results in my 18" barreled Remington 788.
I would like to know of this load recipe. Barnes lied and sold us down the river, I try not to buy any of their products. I do have some 80GMX and have found a few so-so loads in 6mm. Please share your experiences. Barnes screwed us.! I have also tried their bullets in .22 cal. OK, but nothing near the accuracy of lead, and this is in a 1/8 twist. They helped to pass the lead ban. Please tell your friends. In my 243 I have achieved about 1 1/2" accuracy with the 80 GMX. The 18" barrel really makes me wonder. Can you post pics of the target you shot? And what twist is the barrel?
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