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I don't have the upper yet but currently on my 3rd AR I got the following:

Stripped Lower: $150
LPK: $65
Magpul FDE Grip: $35
Magpul FDE ACS Stock: $100
Buffer Tube/Spring: $35
BB: Spare one laying around, I can't recall how much I got it back in 2006.

So far just around $400 for it I'm sure.

Upper I'm probably gonna get for is the LWRC M6A2 SPR upper for $1920 MSRP unless I can work a contact of mine in TX. It won't be a complete LWRCI M6A2 SPR and more like a Frankengun but M6A2 completes are hard to come by now and in the end the price will be just under a complete M6A2. Sucks that they don't take orders for cerakote coated/colored at LWRCI anymore.
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