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Select fire 3 shot burst weapons can be relatively common or sometimes, 2 shot bursts with the MP family of weapons. That feature is very useful in CQB provided that you train with it and use it properly to put a burst on target faster than you can pull the trigger twice or three times.

Full full auto as in the fun button rock n roll feature... yes, there are LE guns with that but real use in LE applications are very limited, if any... unless you can be sure of the backdrop and you have a need to let the lead fly and are ready for the consequences that follow every single bullet.

In short, LE hardly has a suppressive fire lay down a wall of bullets situation like a military operation where you have an all out firefight. Even the biggest firefight in recent LE history like North Hollywood or Waco... you have a lot of civilians in the area which prevent you from going all out.
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