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Originally Posted by roushstage2 View Post
Had a good time today and met some new people as well! I was on the rimfire range all day with my daughter. I think more people know me today from my Obama T-Shirt than who I actually am on the forum. Not too many people seemed to want to converse with anyone outside of their little groups, lol. I got to see some familiar faces, as well as get an awesome shirt for both myself and my daughter (thanks CGN, Lazyme and Bonnie ) I had to leave when I think most everyone was moving to the rimfire range; had to work early today. Anyways, it was all good fun and I can't wait to do it again!

It'd be nice if the CGN/CGF gun case tags and decals were available for purchase at these events *hint hint*
My mistake on the intro, I at least commented on your shirt... was my first time out with Calgunners. Now I will be able to put a face with a t-shirt (hopefully we will all be sporting CGN t-shirts next time), I will say hello. No exclusion meant, there were just a couple of us that arrived at the same time and took up stations next to each other.

Things I learned from this trip:
1) Bring more rimfire ammo (if you have one)
2) Bring a centerfire (if you have one)
3) Set aside more time than 2.5 hours
4) Calgunners are generous and friendly, esp when they know you are a fellow forum member

More to come I'm sure, glad Lazy has taken up the cause...
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