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Originally Posted by bbc1969 View Post
I recently converted from a MM grip to a bullet button set up on my OLL (just to try it out). My question is in regards to mag swap outs. When swapping out your 10 round mag (utilizing a tool to do so), there is a period of time when there is no mag in the weapon (That has all those "evil features"). Is there a caveat in the interpretation of the law that allows this? Or should I be opening the rifle up and loading the mag by hand with it secured in the mag well?

I have been searching the site, but missed anything that covered this scenario. Thanks.
See the second page of the PDF ( in the original post where PC 12276.1(a) and CCR 11 5469 (a) are quoted. The bullet button on your rifle means that it is a "fixed magazine" rifle per CCR 11 5469 (a). As a fixed magazine rifle, as long as an attached magazine can hold only 10 rounds or less, it is good to go. When there is no magazine attached, it still is not an assault weapon because, in its current state, it cannot hold more than 1 bullet at a time in the chamber so is a fixed magazine rifle still.