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Originally Posted by RyanAnchors View Post
All that would do is drive up revenue for OC and we would still get a big NO.

I am really bummed.

I bet we won't get CCW until shall-issue is a state requirement via courts.
That's right. From what I gather among the other counties, this won't be a 'flood them until they cave' scenario. That will get us no where, fast. What the initiative is doing, is pressuring the counties to abide by the law, by approving applications with the same good cause as previously approved applications.

If they approve an application for self defense, then they can't deny someone who has self defense as their good cause, only on 'not sufficient good cause'. That person would have to be denied on the grounds of moral character, or prohibited person. Both of which are a little harder than good cause to have personal discretion over.

If they deny people like this, then that is grounds for lawsuits, and most counties don't want to get mixed up in that. However, ours probably will, unfortunately.

Be patient. If you've lived in Orange County your entire life (like I have), then you are somewhat used to the way things are. It shouldn't be much longer. But I would still guess at the very minimum, another 6 months. More likely a lot longer than that.
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