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Originally Posted by Dizturbed One View Post
Was due to go in day after tomorrow at 8:45 am, had to cancel mainly because we'd need to buy another pistol, which we can't seem to find at the moment without paying double the MSRP. Everybody is gouging, and it's cost me my CCW

I had no choice but to wait for my tax return to get a good carry gun, and by that time the scare was in full swing, and I couldn't find anything (unless I wanted to pay 7 or $800 for a used LC9). Still can't. Not without breaking the bank enough to not be able to afford the classes and ammo and fee's for the CCW anyway, so no point. Might as well wait another year myself, and at least let the wife get hers. Hopefully it's still a "shall-issue" county by the time I'm able to get mine...


Just venting! LOL. Wanted to let some Calgunners know that there is an open appointment in Sacramento County!
Check out armslist. I looked around for about a week or so, I found an LC9 w/ lasermax, 4 mags and 75 rounds of ammo for $400. A buddy got a LC9 w/ Lasermax, 8 mags and 100 rounds for $700
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