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Originally Posted by bomb_on_bus View Post
From what I saw yesterday on CSPAN it doesn't look good for Feinstein and her AWB.

Her AWB failed the first time and now at least everyone knows it. The senate hearing at least confirmed that any outright gun grab is going to be a lot tougher than previously thought.

Feinstein was talking about the bump fire stock which allows the shooter to "fire 400-800 rounds allowing for multiple rounds to be fired from one pull of the trigger" Well if thats the case that would make the gun a machine gun and be highly illegal nation wide.

Then she talked about how you can accessories the AR to make it more accurate and deadly.............. Really? The gun is as accurate as its going to be even with accessories. What makes it better are better components that can affect accuracy. Barrel, ammunition, free floating barrel, etc can increase accuracy not a pistol grip, red dot sight or anything else she was hinting at.

She really lost it when she talked about how the bullets travel really fast and are capable of causing tremendous trauma to little people.......... I'm sure she was referring to kids and Sandy Hook, although I could be wrong. On the same note I sure in the hell glad she isn't aware of larger calibers out there. I mean she is convinced that the .223 round is the deadliest round on the market. Even though its on of the weaker side of the rifle world. Things like the .300WM .338 Lapua .375Cheytac, .50BMG/DTC are bigger and have a whole hell of a lot more wallop than the .223 round. Others at least are aware of this and see Feinstein as someone with an outdated agenda who is unaware of what she is pushing for.

She has even lost support here in Kommiefornia so hopefully she won't reign supreme too much longer.
Can you please elaborate on the very last bit regarding her having lost support here in ca? In 2012 she set the record for most votes for us senate in history with 7.75 million votes, and has been a politician since 1970. I sure as hell wasn't one of them, and I'd love it if she did lose support. I just don't think that's true. Looks like her death is way more likely than losing re election in this politically ****ed up state.
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