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Originally Posted by Jpach View Post
To me, it doesn't seem to do that. I'm just saying we should really look into the new wording.

No, we don't. You are just helping them improve the bill.

Should this bill get passed in any form, we have great lawyers who will systematically attack every flaw.

We don't need to find the flaws for either side at this point.

If you find a flaw, don't point it out. If you find a really egregious flaw, then put tuck tape over your mouth and keep quite. Every flaw helps us and hurts them.

Just focus on the things that are clear to everyone in the bill. USe those to attack it. The things that are not clear, leave them lie or else the bill will become worse.

Heres the action plan.

1. Write your congressman and senators. Even DiFi and Boxer. Keep the pressure on. write weekly, call, fax, snailmail, email. Flood the channels to overflowing.

2.Loose lips sink ships.

3.Fight the bill based on restrictions of rights. Gun Rights are Civil Rights.

4. Do not think "what will i do it it passes." Make sure it won't. If there is something you want that you are afraid will be banned, buy it now. Clarifying the finer points of the law will not protect that purchase one bit. If you can't live without it, get it now at whatever price is offered.

5. Rinse, lather, repeat.
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