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We need to stop trying to decipher this bill and we need to stop pointing out the bills flaws to the liberal trolls that sit on these forums and feed from it.

We need to make a stand and the only things that need to be made clear to DiFi and the other libtards is:


We need to force these people who don't know anything about firearms to back down once and for all. a public spectacle needs to be set of what will happen when an elected force opposes the will of those who elected them.
You don't blame cars for speeding or D.U.I's yet you put the most unqualified people behind the wheel!
Then you blame guns for senseless acts of violence and prohibit the most qualified people from owning them?
My keyboard is at fault for all typographical errors so flame the keyboard not me.

P.S come for my guns I F****** dare you
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