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Originally Posted by Javi View Post
I have to recommend Raahauges, highly. I told myself I'd never go there on a non competition/event day but on weekdays you can stay longer. Longest I stayed was 4 hours with rifle and handgun shooting. The two r. o. 's I've dealt with were excellent. It's kind of like paying for private range perks as you can have hour own pistol berm, drae out of a holster, shoot food, etc.
Raahauges is first class operation. However, at $30 per visit (technically for 2 hours), it's easy to see why there's not very high demand for their rifle range...and it's only 100yds.

Cheap steel bi-metal ammo isn't the bargain it seems to be around here.

No personal experience, but I've heard that the authorities don't favor steel core/bi-metal jacketed ammo on BLM land either.
Laws against murder and attempted murder should have been the only gun control laws ever needed in America...

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