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Default Anyone have a solution to sticking AR-15 magazine?

I just recently purchased a slightly used Stag-15 Model 1. Before I call customer support, I wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue and/or ideas for a solution. The bottom of the factory 10-round magazine, when latched into place, is flush even with the bottom of the magazine well (i.e no part of the side of the magazine is exposed). When I push the magazine release (a bullet button), it doesn't pop or fall out, and I have nowhere on the magazine to pull it out. The only thing that has worked for me so far is to stick a knife up into the well to pry it out. It sticks very tightly, so it takes a lot of effort to pry it out to the point where I can even grasp the magazine with my fingers (even at that point, I still have to use considerable effort to pull it out all of the way).

Besides this being annoying to deal with, I anticipate having a safety concern in having the gun flail about at the range when I am trying to reload. Any help or tips are appreciated.
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