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Originally Posted by Shoobee View Post
It hurts to shoot a .300 mag.

It really really hurts to shoot a .338 mag.

Trust me, I know.

Note that the .300 has a higher ballistic coefficient, which means it is a more efficient round.

So if you can get the job done with a .300 then that would give you the best results.

The main issue however is energy on target. There is no use in wasting energy that you don't need, particularly when it is going to really really hurt to pull that trigger.
Holy cow.......

Have you ever heard of the 338 Lapua? High BC 338 bullets?

A 300 Win Mag has a higher ballistic coefficient?

Ballistic coefficient = cartridge efficiency? Seriously?

Pretty painfully obvious that you don't know what a ballistic coefficient is......

Just perusing the Berger offerings, the highest BC bullet offered in 30 caliber is the 230gr Match Hybrid at .743 BC. The highest BC bullet offered in 338 is the 300gr Match Hybrid at .818.

The 300 Win Mag will be hard pressed to drive the 230gr bullet at much above 2400 fps, while the 338 Lapua can launch a 300gr bullet at 2900. Start 500 fps faster with a .075 BC advantage, and you have a significant difference in long range performance.

For long range shooting, the 338 Lapua leaves the 300 Win Mag in the dust. A mile is not out of the question with high BC bullets.

The 300 Win Mag just doesn't have the horsepower to drive the heavy, high BC bullets required for really long range pursuits.
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