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Originally Posted by ScottB View Post

and mine. Seems CGN picks and chooses which Amendments are valid too - and the First Amendment is expendable, especially when some people want keep their panties in a wad over an charge that wasn't even being made.

counting down to deletion ....

Seriously? A privately owned forum has no obligation under the First Amendment to let you spew your hatred of some types of gun owners all over the place.

Last I checked this forum is specifically dedicated to California firearms owners. Why would it want or stand for pissing contests over who has the prettiest gun? Why would it let anyone spew hatred on another firearms owner for no reason other than owning a firearm that looks different than yours? With this kind of solidarity among firearms owners, no wonder we have to worry about the Second Amendment being vacated by the gun grabbers.
What part of "shall not be infringed" don't you understand?

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