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Originally Posted by BigFatGuy View Post
If you've seen me shoot skeet with my 590 you know I don't look down the top of the barrel when shooting skeet, the stock just doesn't fit me well enough.

I'd like to put a red-dot on for use with slugs/buckshot. I dont' want to remove it every time i shoot skeet.

Assuming I'm not in a tournament, will they get pissy if I have a red-dot turned off on top of my shotgun?

I have no issue getting teased (used to that at the clinics already). ;-)
I'm vexed by some of the answers you received. There are a bunch of things anyone who's used an e-sight much can't help but notice look very incomplete or just plain wrong.

Here's a few observations from experience with both the Eotech and the Aimpoint on a snake-barreled 24" Mossburg 935 hammering scores of coyotes and winning a couple of friendly contests along the way. By the way, that's with 3.5" 2.5 oz loads #4 buck, the hardest recoiling stuff on the planet, somewhere between .458WM and .460Weatherby. If anything were going to shake loose, that ought to do it, and it did. If anything were going to break, that ought to do it, and it didn't.

First, look at the pic rail on top of the receiver. The front screws only grab three threads and had to be ground down to clear the bolt. The back screws grabbed about 6 and didn't take shortening. But think about this. With the rail on the gun, a bead or fiber sight are useless. Cheeking the gun properly, the rail completely blocks the dominant eye's view of the barrel, rib, and sight. What's left is the side view from the other eye, and it will take over and force a miss every time. So even if you remove the sight, with the rail on, you're skeetless. With just a rail, no sight, you have to turn the gun sideways and use the barrel to aim which is so ghetto.

Then add the sight. Pick one - Eotech or Aimpoint. They both have great field of view, the Eotech even bigger than the Aimpoint. Killers for sure, I kept track. I fired on 41 coyotes and picked up 40, in just a handful of days, which is the deadliest average I've ever shot hunting through decades of this stuff. Put the dot on the coyote's nose at any speed, running in any direction, at ranges out to 55 or so, and pull the trigger. Dead coyote. Sure there were some follow ups and rundowns because this was after all, hunting, not skeeting. I think I fired more than a hundred shells to pick up 40. I kept shooting as long as any part of the coyote was still moving or even thinking about moving.

The downside - forget to turn the sight on and you might as well shoot shot into the sky. Without the dot shining brightly, there's no way to aim or hit anything, except turn the gun sideways and go ghetto. Carry an extra battery. When the Eotech starts flashing of and on, it will only work for another couple of hours, again from experience. More sky busting.

The upside - Rising shots are the bane of clays shooting with a rib or a bead or a fiber sight. A proper lead for a rising shot has the barrel blotting out the bird on the springing teal shot at sporting clays or 5-stand. Usually the shooter waits until it just peaks and hammers it there while it's hanging in mid-air. With the e-sight, you've got full field of view, even under the target, and you can shoot the teal on the rise, at the top, or on the way down. No waiting. With a coyote, think about it. Any coyote that blows by you and runs away is a rising shot. Instead of looking for the coyote running under the muzzle, with the e-sight, put dot on nose, pull trigger, dead coyote. The e-sight totally changed my score on anything rising. Nothing went unscathed.

The weird - anyone who's used an e-sight on a shotgun with the original stock comb will tell you about how your head floats up over it. You can't cheek the gun or you won't see the dot. Your head is up over the comb, moving around, not anchored to the same spot on the stock for every shot. Totally weird, and it takes a bit of adapting, but after a while who cares, because you hit everything that has the dot on it. More upside, with those big loads of buckshot, your cheek doesn't get "kissed" by the stock anymore. Your face is up and away from the thing when it goes off. Very John Wayne.

Very video game - At night, hunting in the dark, it's next to impossible to use a shotgun. Shining a light on a critter, you can't see the bead or a fiber sight and it's hard to line up even the barrel or rib. Enter the e-sight. Red dot with a green flashlight is like a video game, but even a white or red flashlight is the bomb for night shotgunning. It's a hoot. It's deadly after dark.

The ugly - I still like the slim and trim of the palm swell grip and bead or fiber sight. A slick gun cases, draws, and stores easier than any gun with a bulky sight on the top. Add that this 935 has a pistol grip and was big and bulky enough to deserve its own zip code. It was an uglymf set up this way.

I don't know much about skeets, I quit after the first 20,000 maybe 15 years ago. Clays go poof only so long. I know more about ducks over dekes, and a lot more about varmints that run by at about 30 mph, coming, going, crossing, zigging, zagging, and hopping. If you can afford it, try the Eotech. I hated the way it looked but loved the way it worked. Almost everything died. I'm leaving mine on the Mossburg.

"Will they get pissy at the range?" you asked. Of course they will. The world is full of whiners who think life should be fair and you've tilted the field with your red dot. Screw them. Kill more. I bet the Eotech makes more clays go poof than any rib or bead.
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