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Default **NEW AMMO ADDED** Updated Aug. 1 - 6mm Rem, .32 H&R, 7.62 DDR

FOR SALE a random assortment of ammo, including:

1. 6mm Remington: 1 box of 20 cartridges, 100gr Core Lokt, $13.00

2. .32 H&R Magnum: 26 loose rounds of Federal, looks like HiShok, $13.00

3. 7.62x39: 10 rds. of hard to find East German collector's ammo, steel core (teflon?) coated jacket - kind of reminds me of the Lubalox coating Winchester used to put on their Black Talons. Imported in the early '90s before imports of steel core were banned. Considered by many to be the best of the true 7.72x39 milsurp ammo out there. Head stamp reads 05 over 77. Better suited to the a 7.62 collection than to shooting IMO, but the choice is yours for $5. Looks exactly like these:

4. .25 ACP: Does anybody really shoot this stuff? Anyway, I got two dozen loose rounds, $8.

ALSO for sale, 14 cases of .32 Wincehster Special Remy brass with one factory cartridge, $5, or trade for .308 cases/bullets.

FTF in San Diego, or will ship on your dime.


Thanks for looking...

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