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Default Woman owned and operated gun store

Quick background, my wife and I own Packin' Fur Defense, we specialize in concealed carry systems from holsters to clothing and more. This past week we were working the California Gang Task Force National Convention, and I want to give a shout out to a competitor.

Trisha Kinney owns and operates Blue Collar Firearms Inc. located in Colton. Very convinced she knows her stuff. If your looking for a firearm, want to discuss options I suggest giving her a call. Even better give her a visit. I am very convinced you find it time well spent.

She knows her guns, and as the leader for the San Bernardino chapter of the Well Armed Woman she in accustomed to working with all levels of women shooters.

Yes Blue Collar carries concealed carry purses and yes I think ours are better, but I believe if you call Trisha, your going to get honest, experienced answers to your gun questions. The do AR's as well.

My recommendation is if your in the market for a gun, check them out.
She gave me a bunch of 10% off post cards, not sure if she would let me e-mail an image of one to you. Movie Zombie suggested on another post that I make this topic it's own post. Based on what I saw at the CGTF you wont get FUD from Tricia. (FUD - Fear. Uncertainty and Doubt).
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