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Well, my lot seems kind of puny when compared to those monster Barrett rounds...

I loaded a couple lots of .44 target rounds using some AA-#9. Trying to get to a slow enough powder to maybe ease the lead fouling I am getting using MBC 240gr LSWC's.

I also loaded 4 lots of 50 each, 9mm 115gr Montana Gold FMJ using three different powders I am trying: Bullseye, Unique, W231, starting light and working up.

I loaded the 9's in anticipation of getting my broken H&K P2000 back from, ah, H&K. Not so fast, I guess they have a lot of broken guns to fix as it has been almost 2 weeks and counting. Seems kind of slow to replace one of the gizzies on the sear axle. Oh well, maybe I will dig out the 92FS and see how she does with my hand loads....
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