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100 rounds of 10MM. 3rd time for this batch. Had a few that had some burr's on the case-rim caused by the Extractor on my GLOCK 29. Removed them.

I can see that the case rim extractor interface is going to be a larger issue than case/resizing fatigue caused by shooting max loads (which these test rounds are).

One thing I noticed when running a normal Glock barrel and the StormLake barrel; the GLOCK barrel (being loose) really makes the 10MM cases bulge
almost full length. To the extent that a once fired GLOCK barrel case won't begin to fit into a STORMLAKE barrel. A once fired case from the STORMLAKE barrel bulges SO LITTLE that it even fits into the Dillon Case Gauge. !

That Stormlake barrel is TIGHT..!!!!

When I tumble this group (of 100) I can really tell which ones I shot in the GLOCK barrel as opposed to the STORMLAKE rounds.....the GLOCK cases require a bunch more pressure to resize.

I can see why for serious self defense shooting GLOCK barrels will feed just about anything.

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