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Got out in '02. No problems or delays back then. Last year they sent me a letter, the regular verification of dependents. Apparently it's a procedure they do every ten years. But I didn't get the letter, since I had moved.

So they drop my kids off the claim, re-process everything for the last decade, and decide that they have now OVERPAID me by something like $22,000 and will be witholding all of my disability check until it's paid off.

That was 14 months ago and counting. I filed all the paperwork to re-add my SAME DEPENDENTS THAT HAVE BEEN IN THEIR SYSTEM SINCE 2002, and I've heard nothing. Calls have been made, an inquiry resulted in a nice letter telling me there's a 14 month average wait and to just sit here with my thumb up my *** for another year or so.

Fortunately, my disability does not prevent me from working, and I'm not dependent on it to pay my bills. But this is how we treat our veterans? The men and women who put their lives on the line for our nation?

Thank you very much, America.
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