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Whether or not they are safe for .308 Winchester loads is one of those hotly debated topics online. Both camps have their arguments. I believe Century Arms converted one of these into a pressure test gun when they were importing these back in the 1990s. According to their tests, the .308 was well within what the action could take. That being said, how much do you trust the Spanish arms industry? Especially back then. It is a model 1916, but the vast majority of these rifles were made around the time of the Spanish Civil War. Often under war time conditions. So the steels may or may not have been properly heat-treated. Added to that, these guns have not been imported in some time. So if you have one now, the odds are that somebody over here had it before you, and who knows what they fed it, or how much they shot it before you got your hands on it. AND the working pressures for these guns, which were chambered in 7x57 Mauser originally, was around 42,000-45,000 PSI. The .308 is regularly loaded up to 56,000 PSI, with some loads pushing close to 60,000. All of that adds up to the fact that you may want to think about if you really, really want to use .308 in one of these rifles. I have in the past. And I would again if I had to. But for the most part, I prefer to use the 7.62 NATO specs for these. Especially when reloading. Those few extra foot/pounds just aren't worth it to me. Not when it has the potential to wreck the gun and/or my face. They really are fun little rifles, but some of them are rapidly approaching the century mark.

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